All of our masks and props are thick latex rubber. Everything is hand made so the colors may vary a bit. The items we list as props are foam filled and can not be worn. We will try and keep a stock of things listed, but if we happen to be out of something it can be ordered, painted, and shipped within a couple weeks
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Prices on website do not include shipping or extra toppings, email us for a quote.

Much Much more to come very soon, but until then check out our facebook page
Smirkley the Clown
Ottis T Clown
Carny Clown
Stitches Clown

Creepy Closet
Robbie Rottenhead light up prop
New for 2020 our Robbie prop is 2 pieces put together to make one spooky prop, or each piece can also be bought separately with or without lights
severed head with lights $165                                       rib cage with light $375
severed head W/O light $125                                        rib cage W/O light $275
   contact us for shipping quote
O.J.S. is a hard resin mask with adjustable straps
Dr Death
Skinned Stitches
Chomper Clown
Chubby C.
Lilly Clown
Gene Z.
Doll Face Sissy
Zombie Claus
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Old Man Edger Winter